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Commercial Line Products

  1. 1-4 Family Dwelling: Insurance for small residential buildings with up to four units.
  2. Apartments: Coverage for apartment building owners.
  3. Artisan Contractors: Insurance for small contractors or tradesmen.
  4. Beauty/Barber Shop: Coverage for beauty salons and barber shops.
  5. Builders Risk: Insurance for buildings under construction.
  6. Commercial Excess/Umbrella: Additional liability coverage beyond basic policies.
  7. Concessionaires/Vendors/Food Truck: Coverage for food vendors and concession stands.
  8. Contractor’s Equipment: Insurance for equipment used by contractors.
  9. Convenience Stores/Deli/Grocery/Liquor Store: Coverage for small retail stores.
  10. Fitness Centers: Insurance for gym and fitness center businesses.
  11. Janitorial Services: Coverage for cleaning and janitorial businesses.
  12. Land Leased to Others: Insurance for landowners leasing their property.
  13. Laundromats: Coverage for laundromat businesses.
  14. Lawn Care: Insurance for lawn care and landscaping services.
  15. Lessor’s Risk Only: Coverage for property owners leasing out their premises.
  16. Liquor Liability: Insurance for businesses that sell or serve alcohol.
  17. Main Street Mercantile: Coverage for various small retail businesses.
  18. Office Product: Insurance for office-based businesses.
  19. Residential Condominium Unit Owners: Coverage for individual condo owners.
  20. Restaurants: Insurance for restaurant owners.
  21. Special Events: Coverage for events like weddings, festivals, etc.
  22. The Long Shot (Hole-in-one Coverage): Insurance for golf-related promotions or events.
  23. Specialty Training Schools (Dance, Music, and Tutoring): Coverage for educational and training institutions.
  24. Truckers General Liability: Insurance for trucking businesses.
  25. Vacant Building/Vacant Land: Coverage for unoccupied properties.

Professional/Non Profit Products 

  1. Arts & Culture: Insurance for organizations involved in the arts, such as museums, galleries, and cultural institutions.
  2. Business Associations: Coverage for professional business associations.
  3. Charitable Foundations: Insurance for organizations engaged in charitable activities.
  4. Community Associations: Coverage for homeowner associations, cooperative buildings, and similar community groups.
  5. Cyber Liability: Insurance that covers data breaches and other cyber risks.
  6. Employment Practices Liability: Coverage for employers against claims from employees alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, etc.
  7. Houses of Worship: Specialized insurance for religious institutions.
  8. Medical Providers Employment Practices: Liability insurance for employment-related issues specifically in the medical field.
  9. Miscellaneous Errors & Omissions: Coverage for professionals against claims of negligence or inadequate work.
  10. Non Profit Directors & Officers Liability: Insurance that protects the directors and officers of a non-profit organization against personal losses as a result of legal actions.
  11. Property Managers Professional Liability: Coverage for property managers to protect against claims of negligence or mismanagement.
  12. Real Estate Errors & Omissions: Insurance for real estate professionals against claims of negligence or errors in their professional services.
  13. Technology Professionals: Coverage for IT professionals, software developers, and tech companies.
  14. Sports Organizations: Insurance for sports teams, leagues, and associations to cover various liabilities.

Personal Line Products

  1. Comprehensive Personal Liability: This insurance provides broad coverage for personal liability exposures that an individual or family may face. It typically covers bodily injury and property damage for which the insured is legally responsible.
  2. Dwelling Package: This is a type of homeowners insurance that covers the physical structure of the home (the dwelling) along with personal property and liability.
  3. Excess Comprehensive Personal Liability: This offers additional liability coverage beyond the limits of a standard comprehensive personal liability policy. It’s useful for individuals with higher risk or asset levels.
  4. Excess Personal Umbrella: Similar to excess comprehensive personal liability, this provides an extra layer of liability protection over and above the basic limits of standard personal insurance policies, like homeowners or auto insurance.
  5. HO4 – Renters/Senior Tenant: Also known as renters’ insurance, HO4 policies provide coverage for personal property, liability, and additional living expenses for individuals renting or leasing a living space. This policy type is also tailored for senior tenants.
  6. HO6 – Condo Unit Owners: This insurance is for condominium owners. It covers personal property, interior structures (like walls and floors), liability, and sometimes specific parts of the condo structure not covered by the condo association’s insurance policy.
  7. Home Based Business: This insurance covers the business-related exposures for individuals operating a business out of their home. It can cover business property, liability, and other risks specific to home-based businesses.
  8. Personal Umbrella: This is additional liability insurance that supplements the limits of an insured’s homeowners and auto policies. It provides broader coverage for claims like bodily injury, property damage, and legal costs.

Artisan / Contractor Products


  1. Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment: Installation, maintenance, or repair of air conditioning units.
  2. Carpentry – Interior: Woodworking and carpentry services inside buildings.
  3. Carpentry – Residential Property Not Exceeding 3 Stories: Carpentry work for smaller residential buildings.
  4. Carpentry – Shop Only: Woodworking and carpentry done in a workshop setting.
  5. Carpet Cleaning: Professional cleaning of carpets in homes or commercial spaces.
  6. Ceiling/Wall Installation: Installation services for ceilings and walls.
  7. Door/Window Installation: Installing doors and windows in buildings.
  8. Driveway/Sidewalk Paving or Repaving: Laying down or repairing driveways and sidewalks.
  9. Drywall/Wallboard Installation: Installing drywall or wallboard in construction projects.
  10. Electrical Work within Buildings: Electrical installations and repairs inside buildings.
  11. Floor Covering Installation: Laying down various types of floor coverings.
  12. Furniture or Fixture Installation (Metal or Wood): Installing metal or wood furniture and fixtures.
  13. HVAC (No LPG): Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services, excluding work with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
  14. House Furnishing Installation: Setting up and installing various house furnishings.
  15. Janitorial Services: Cleaning and maintenance services for buildings.
  16. Landscape Gardening: Designing and maintaining gardens and landscapes.
  17. Lawn Care Services: Maintenance and care of lawns.
  18. Masonry: Bricklaying, stone laying, and other masonry work.
  19. Painting – Exterior: Painting the exterior of buildings.
  20. Painting – Interior: Interior painting services.
  21. Painting – Shop Only: Painting services conducted in a workshop setting.
  22. Paperhanging: Wallpapering and similar wall treatments.
  23. Plumbing – Commercial/Industrial: Plumbing services for commercial and industrial buildings.
  24. Plumbing – Residential: Plumbing services specifically for residential properties.
  25. Siding Installation: Installing siding on the exterior of buildings.
  26. Sign Painting or Lettering – Inside Buildings: Painting or lettering signs within buildings.
  27. Television or Radio Set Receiving Set Installation or Repair: Installation or repair of TV and radio sets.
  28. Tile, Stone, Marble Work: Installation and work with tiles, stone, and marble.
  29. Upholstering: Upholstery services.
  30. Upholstering – Shop Only: Upholstery work done in a shop setting.
  31. Window Cleaning: Cleaning windows in residential or commercial buildings.

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